Fall Equinox Workshop: Rhythm, Ritual & Reflection

Autumn is a time of transformation; the trees turn beautifully golden and shed their leaves, nature slowly retreats and all around seems to settle and prepare for the coming winter.

As we welcome these changing colours of autumn, we too need to build our stores of energy for the winter months ahead. This workshop is your invitation to turn within. We will welcome & celebrate the autumn equinox with ancient practices helping you to transition into this glorious season feeling nourished and restored.


What will the workshop involve?

Expect to surrender to the process of seasonal change. We will first connect to ‘ourselves’ and then the grounding nourishment of the earth with an opening meditation to help us use this sustainability to reduce the vata dominance of the next coming weeks.

Then we will begin our transformative cleansing rhythmic flow to twist, fold, open and balance before we take it back low to the earth and allow gravity to work her restorative magic through a delicious yin practice.

We will then conclude with a deep relaxation to nourish, reflect and restore. All of this topped off with warming fall teas and scrumptious bakes.


Venue: New Town Hall, Hornsea 

Time: 9.30am – 12noon

Cost: £25

Suitable for all levels.


A non-refundable deposit of £10 will be required at time of booking to secure your place. All monies due in full prior to the workshop.

Please note that spaces are limited, so if you are interested then be sure to pop your name down ASAP.