Case Study – Yoga for Back Pain

“I have suffered with pain in my back and shoulders for about 15 years, as a result of bad posture and working at a computer every day. Over the years I have visited physiotherapists and tried countless different changes to my workstation to try and stop the constant aches, which on many occasions interrupted my sleep and affected my daily life. Nothing has had any lasting effect.

Yoga was the one thing I had never really tried, but I contacted Helen in the hope that learning some yoga exercises would help to relieve my condition. During my very first session with her, she pointed out that the way to address the problem was not just to concentrate on the area of my upper back which hurt, but also to work on the flexibility and strength of my lower back, chest, and hips. Helen put together tailored yoga practices for me, which we worked through together for an hour a week, and she also taught me short, simple practices that I could do regularly at home. After a couple of months the results have been nothing short of astounding.

I now find that I naturally stand and sit up straight – I had never realised how much the flexibility of my hip joints would affect my standing posture, or how opening up the muscles in my chest and improving the strength in my lower back would affect how I sit. The constant ache in my upper back is gone, as are the tension headaches I used to suffer almost every day.”

Michele Scott-Bauckham