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For thousands of years the medicine of sound has been used to bring about deep healing to our bodies. The vibration of the sound penetrates right down to a cellular level, shifting our physical, mental and emotional states. Sound healing can be experienced in many ways, one of which is through the playing of sound therapy instruments.

I have a strong connection to Crystal Singing Bowls and this celestial vibration. Its through this instrument that I offer my sound healing. A collection of seven beautifully carved crystal bowls, each one perfectly pitched for the seven main chakras.

In these sessions you simply lie down and relax in a candlelit room. You will be guided into a relaxed state through meditation and then bathed in the crystalline frequencies of quartz crystal singing bowls. You will simply surrender to the earth as the sound works its magic, surrounding and coursing through your body resulting in a deep sense of serenity.

Sound healing has been shown to improve our immune system, improve sleep, ease depression, reduce anxiety, reduce blood pressure and enhance our mental and emotional states.

You can experience these in a private session where the sound healing is tailored to your needs or you can join us for our monthly Full Moon Sound Baths.


Private 1 Hour Session: £30

Next Monthly Sound Bath:

Friday 13th September


New Town Hall, Hornsea

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