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All of my classes are based on traditional Hatha yoga techniques that are infused with diversity and a strong emphasis on enjoyment. Each class allows you to listen to your body and move in a way that feels right for you.

I offer a warm and welcoming environment full of joy and laughter, encouraging all students to practise at their own pace and experience their own journey. The classes are all designed with your comfort in mind and are suitable for all levels. They are held in Hornsea at the New Town Hall, which has plenty of parking nearby.

Please see the timetable below to choose an open class that’s right for you – alternatively you can find out more about private sessions in my Garden Studio by clicking on the link further down the page.


  • Tuesdays

    Hatha yoga (all levels), 7pm-8.15pm, £6

  • Wednesdays

    Hatha yoga (all levels), 10am-11:15am, £6

  • Thursdays

    Hatha yoga (all levels), 7pm-8.15pm, £6


All of our classes at the Town Hall are open to everyone and do not require booking.


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