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Post natal yoga

The postnatal period is one of great change and adjustment, and during this time a woman is very vulnerable to stress and strain on so many levels. Postnatal yoga offers a gentle and therapeutic approach to help nurture and support new mums.

On a physical level the sessions are designed to promote ease and comfort helping to stabilise the pelvis, tone the abdominal muscles and support the lower back. These classes also offer support on an emotional level too, helping to lift the spirit, re-energise, de-stress and relax.

As a mother of two and a previous sufferer of postnatal anxiety, I understand the emotions women go through after giving birth. I hope that at The Garden Studio I can provide you with a beautiful space where you can feel safe, relaxed and nurtured so I can truly assist you back on the road to vibrant health and happiness.


Benefits of Postnatal Yoga

Restores hormonal balance • Helps build up strength in the spine • Provides rest and instant relaxation • Helps reduce anxiety and depression • Toning the deep abdominal muscles to ‘close the body’ after birth • Helps knit back together separated abdominal muscles • Relieves stiffness in the shoulders • Strengthens pelvic floor muscles • Strengthens abdominal and back muscles for core strength • Relaxation and deep rest • Relieves and avoids postnatal depression • Connects breathing with emotions • Healing emotionally after a difficult pregnancy or birth

These classes can be booked as a one-off or as a tailored course of 6+ sessions (recommended).

1 Hour Session: £30

Course of 6 Sessions: £160

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